Why choose John & Toms?

Why choose John & Toms?

John and Tom'sTM is committed to providing you with only the finest CBD on earth. We ensure that its products are of the highest quality by consistently testing and using only non-GMO, U.S. grown industrial hemp. All products manufactured by Johns & TomsTM are from hemp grown outdoors under natural sunlight using natural farming practices.


Our process

Step 1: Cultivation & Harvest

  • We are proud to support our farmers here on American soil. All of our hemp is grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals.

Step 2 : Extraction

  • Our hemp is then processed after harvest via ethanol or Co2 extraction to turn the plant material to a concentrated extract.

Step 3 : Testing #1

  • Quality control begins here to ensure zero residual solvents, microbio, pesticides in addition to the cannabinoid, terpenoid, and flavonoid backgrounds.

Step 4 : Winterization

  • We remove any unwanted plant matter such as fat/waxes/lipids by chilling the oil below 32 degrees

Step 5 : Short Path Distillation

  • We then further refine the extract and isolate the CBD by heating and cooling the oil to separate the cannabinoids. This part of the process is vital for our THC Free products.

Step 6 : Testing #2

  • Testing ensues once again to make sure no solvents, heavy metals & contaminants exist following the purification process.

Step 7 : Formulation

  • Our all natural full spectrum hemp extract is high in CBD with a rich profile of background content and essential oil compound. For THC Free products, our isolation process ensures no detected amounts of THC while keeping all of that wonderful CBD we all love.

Step 8 : Filling and Packaging

  • After perfecting and carefully producing each formula, it’s finally time to package up our finished product.

Step 9 : Final Testing

  • After each batch is filled and packaged, samples of each batch are sent for testing by Proverde Labs, the nation's leading testing facility, to ensure quality assurance.

Step 10 : Delivery

  • Now it’s finally time to get shipped right to your door! We hope that what you ordered brings health and wellness to your life, that is our goal.


All testing is done through our 3rd party partners :



Batch ID's can be found along with QR codes leading directly to corresponding lab results. Simply type your batch ID into the search bar on our lab results page and you will be directed to lab results for your specific product.