Is CBD worth the hype?

Is CBD worth the hype?

First it was cannabis, and now it’s CBD. With the end of the modern day prohibition, consumers are now faced with brands and products entering the market with claims to change this, prevent that, and treat everything in between. But is it worth the hype? Or is it just another inflated miracle drug like Garcina Cambogia, promising to change the world only to fall flat in a couple years? Let’s take a look. 

Brands aren’t the only ones hyping up the recently legalized CBD. Celebrities from all walks of life - from singers, to performers, to athletes - are endorsing the product in one capacity or another. While performer Mandy Moore uses it topically for foot pain caused by high heels,  Seth Rogen often touts the benefits of hemp CBD oil, and is a strong advocate for the use of CBD to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Anthony and Sergio Pettis, two professional MMA and UFC fighters, have openly discussed how CBD is a fundamental aspect of their training and recovery. When asked about how they use the product, Anthony claims,"CBD is an integral part of my training and post-fight regimen expediting my body's natural healing process." Sergio piggybacked, adding, "rather than relying on potentially damaging anti-inflammatories like Tylenol and Advil, I have been turning to CBD and seeing incredible results with no side effects."

Nate and Nick Diaz have been even more public about their CBD usage, with Nate hitting a CBD pen in a post-match interview. When asked how it helps them with their UFC and MMA fighting, the two spoke about how it helps with their healing process and inflammation. They use CBD before and after fights not only for the physical component, but also to handle their nerves before and during matches. 

But as we’ve learned from previously celebrity-endorsed products, not all celebrity claims hold water. Does CBD actually help with things like Alzheimer’s and inflammation? Or are we simply falling victim to social media brand partnerships that are expertly marketed?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a study in the European Journal of Pain found that CBD “...has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviours and inflammation without evident side-effects.” This means that not only can you target various pain-points with CBD, you can decrease the effects of arthritis without experiencing negative side-effects. When compared to anti-inflammatories that must be digested, like Sergio and Anthony were referencing, the study pointed out that “topical drug application avoids gastrointestinal administration, first pass metabolism, providing more constant plasma levels,” avoiding any negative interaction one might have by ingesting the product. 

When it comes to anxiety, like Nate and Nick Diaz were referencing, the NCBI states that CBD effectively reduced anxiety in those with social anxiety disorder. A 2010 study pointed to a change in blood flow to the areas of the brain linked to anxiety when CBD was introduced, not only curbing the anxiety but also how the brain responded to the emotion. A 2015 analysis of former studies concluded that CBD was a promising treatment for anxiety in it varying forms, including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When taking personal well-being into consideration it’s not a good idea to only look to celebrities. But when you see the masses start to turn to a certain treatment for a variety of reasons it’s worth looking in to. When it comes to CBD it seems, this time, that the celebrities might be onto something.